Sunday, September 21, 2008

Recent beef roasts

My recent project has been to go through the various beef roasts. Not the famous rib and tenderloin roasts, but the more economical and perhaps underappreciated ones. These are my first two.

The Sunday of Labor Day weekend we had Ben and Crystal over, and I cooked a sirloin roast from Florence. They trimmed it, covered it in garlic paste, salt, pepper, and rosemary, and barded it with pounded strips of fat.

I cooked it to medium rare.

I removed the barding and carved it up. It turned out really well! I think there's no reason to go with the super expensive roasts other than for super special occasions. The next day, I made a roast beef sandwich from the leftovers.

Last night I made a Newport roast for me and Mabel. It's only a 2 pound roast, and it's from the same piece as the Florence Newport steaks. This roast was easier for the butcher to put together than the sirloin roast. He had the piece already cut. One side naturally had a lot of fat. To the meat side, he inserted slivers of garlic. And then he seasoned it, folded the meat in half, and tied it together.

I threw some marrow bones into the roasting pan because there was room.

This also turned out really well. Since it was just the two of us, I made it rare. I made a sauce from the fond and some frozen stock I made earlier in the week.

Mabel liked the pieces of garlic in the roast.

We had leftovers. I'm planning on bringing in a roast beef sandwich to lab this week.

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