Sunday, October 19, 2008

First oysters of the season

I got two dozen oysters from Citarella today! It was the first time we had oysters since it has gotten cooler.

I got my favorite, Wellfleets, and my new favorite, Fisher Islands. The Wellfleets were better than the Fisher Islands this time around, so I guess my new old favorites are now Wellfleets.

I went to our new neighborhood Citarella (new to us). I was eyeing the rest of their seafood. It looks really good. I'd forgotten about fresh seafood, maybe I should get back into it. It looked like they had day boat sea scallops. The only other place I know that has those reliably is Balducci's. Anyway, I'll be going back sometime soon for some of those.

Citarella (Village)
424 Avenue of the Americas (at 9th St)
New York, NY 10011


L said...

I came across a poem about oyster> Here it is. --Lei

Song to Oysters

I like to eat an uncooked oyster,
Nothing's slicker, nothing's moister.
Nothing's easier on your gorge
Or, when the time comes, to dischorge.

But not to let it too long rest
Within your mouth is always best.
For if your mind dwells on an oyster ...
Nothing's slicker. Nothing's moister.

I prefer my oyster fried.
Then I'm sure my oyster's died.

- Roy Blount, Jr.

David said...

Hey Lei, thanks for the poem!