Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ground coffee at The Grey Dog's Coffee

I just picked up a bag of coffee from The Grey Dog's Coffee, and I am sorely disappointed. It was ground! I guess I must be a coffee snob because I assumed that any serious coffee place would only sell whole beans, or grind to order. It's going to go stale in a day and it cost the same as the awesome bag of coffee I got from Cafe Grumpy. I should have known! It came in a burlap souvenir bag. But I was out of coffee this morning and desperate.

It was ground too fine for my usual dual-mug-and-tea-strainer-faux-French-press method, so I had to dig up some old coffee filters and a mixing bowl. Not a bad cup of coffee, but definitely not what I had in mind.

Update 10/13/08
I stopped by today. The sign above of the coffee beans indicates that they have both whole and ground coffee. I guess I just took the wrong one. But they don't mark the bags themselves. Anyway, Cafe Grumpy remains my coffee bean purveyor of choice.

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