Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joe's Dairy

After a shopping trip today, we happened upon Joe's Dairy! While it was open!

Mabel first tried to buy some cheese here a few months ago on her way back from work. She thought it looked like an interesting shop, stood outside reading the Times article posted on the front window, and went in. The guy running the counter said, "We're closed!" and she had to retreat.

But today we got them while they were open.

They sold the olive oil we like, Frantoia, for $22.99 a liter. That's like 20% cheaper than Murray's and a dollar less than Citarella, although a little more expensive than Fairway and Fresh Direct. But it was worth paying a bit for the convenience. Anyway, we got two bottles. And we got a small ball of salted mozzarella cheese.

The cheese was very good. It tastes homemade and tastes fresh. It was kind of squeaky. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but that's what it was.

Mabel wants to get the smoked mozzarella next time.

We passed by one of the new Banksy murals on the way from Joe's.

And on our street, I saw a bike tied up with a cable lock that was almost cut through.

It was tied up next to a Rolls Royce limo.

Joe's Dairy
156 Sullivan St (near Houston)
New York, NY 10012
(212) 677-8780

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