Monday, October 20, 2008

Joe's Ginger

We just got back from getting soup dumplings at Joe's Ginger.

We tried going to Joe's Shanghai last night but the wait was about half an hour. That's not unreasonable, but I really didn't feel like waiting, so we went to Lei's Secret Restaurant instead.

I was telling Priscilla about it earlier today and she said that we should have gone to Joe's Ginger just down the street from Joe's Shanghai. This was something like the fifth time she has said this to me, but I keep forgetting about it. Well no more.

Priscilla's account of Ginger is that it's nicer, there's no wait, and the service is better. The prices are the same. The dumplings are just as awesome.

In a weird way Joe's Ginger is one of those places hidden in plain sight. It's in a weird way because it looks like a rip off of Joe's Shanghai, like Ray's, Original Ray's, and Famous Original Ray's, but it's totally not. It's like a double trick that's not meant to be a trick. It's hidden because people, myself included, think, hey that place is just trying to fool confused tourists into going there.

As we were locking up our bikes, I overheard a European tourist say to his friend that the line at Joe's Shanghai was really long. The friend said, what about Joe's Ginger? And the guy said, that's not the same thing. And I said, they're the same people.

They didn't follow us in. Maybe people like Joe's Shanghai for the frenetic environment and the energy of the place. I can understand that. But that's not what I'm after. I'm happy eating my soup dumplings now, and in peace.

Joe's Ginger
25 Pell St
New York, NY 10013

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