Friday, October 24, 2008

My bike's last day

Woe is me. My bike got stolen yesterday. It was in the backyard of my building. Someone stole it between 12:30 PM and 3:45 PM, right after I finished truing the wheels.

I wonder if it was someone in the building. Maybe they saw me working on it. The only people who can get to the backyard are people with keys to the building. I will never know.

I knew this day would come. I have been preparing myself, as this Bike Snob post advises. But it still stinks.

At least I had a nice final ride on it.

On Wednesday, I needed to get out after a morning of reading. So I biked up 8th Ave to Central Park. I walked my bike through the Mall because it was such a nice day. And I ate a hot dog there while listening to a saxophonist. Then I headed to the Met and looked at the Jeff Koons exhibit on the roof which is ending this weekend.

I rode down to Tiffany's to get my mom's watch fixed, then over to Broadway and through Times Square where I almost ran over a pedestrian in the bike lane. I almost passed Madison Square Park without going to Shake Shack, but then thought better of it and got myself a Shack Burger. There was no line! And the burger was more delicious than I remembered it. I want to say that Shake Shack is my favorite burger right now, but I've been saying that about every hamburger I've eaten lately.

Anyway, I noticed the treehouse art installation in the park. It was neat.

From there I rode down to the Union Square Greenmarket. I picked up another stem of Brussels sprouts except these were really fresh and nice (the other stem was a bit ratty). And then I went home.

At least they didn't get my milk crate. I took that off before working on my wheels. Oh well.

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