Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dinner at Home

We had dinner at Home last Thursday.

Mabel had a pretty long day, and she lost her wallet, so dinner here was a nice distraction

I love this restaurant. It's pretty laid back, it feels warm, the food is simple and straightforward, and the ingredients are first rate. If I were to start a restaurant, it would look like Home Restaurant. I mean, it probably wouldn't, but I would want it to. They even play the music we listen to when we make dinner.

Their wine list is mostly New York. They have a few wines from Virginia, and a few from California. We got a bottle of non-vintage red wine from Shinn Estates. I was curious about the non-vintage part. You don't see that very much outside of jug wines. More wineries should go non-vintage. It's not as if most people can tell the difference between an inexpensive wine from 2004 and one from 2003 anyway. It went well with dinner.

Mabel got a Newport steak, which almost certainly comes from Florence. They don't fold their Newports over, though. They stretch them out. It came with a huge piece of savory bread pudding which I'd never seen or heard of before. It is the love child of Thanksgiving stuffing and mac and cheese.

I got duck with a bunch of sauteed mushrooms. I was happy to eat it.

We finished with more bread pudding, of the dessert variety. It came in a soup bowl. It was awesome.

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