Friday, December 19, 2008

Grand Sichuan 7th Ave

We have a Grand Sichuan in our neighborhood. The one in Chelsea is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants and I was psyched when I realized there's one in the Village.

(The picture is from their website.) We went for the first time last month. I remember it being really cold, and I wasn't exactly sure where it was. Mabel was just about to start complaining, we turned a corner, and there it was. It's within two blocks! About that visit Mabel stated, "It's yummy, it's cheap, and it's close. That was a highly successful venture."

I'd say that it is not quite as good as the Chelsea location, but it is very good nonetheless. I consider myself lucky.

We ordered take out from Grand Sichuan last night on SeamlessWeb. We got green beans and Chon Qing Spicy Chicken. The chicken dish had a ridiculous number of red peppers.

This is the pile of red peppers that we picked out of the dish by the end of the meal. I thought it was pretty cool. Mabel wasn't impressed. You really need chopsticks to eat this kind of food. The peppers are hard to grab with chopsticks anyway, so it's easier to eat this dish than it seemed at first. It would be pretty miserable eating it with a fork.

Anyway, it was great. One of my favorite things from Grand Sichuan, next to double cooked pork.

Grand Sichuan 7th Ave
15 7th Ave (near Leroy)
New York, NY 10014


momneedsanap said...

Wow, beautiful red peppers! Those look fresh. I chop them into my spagetti sauce. Hubby and I like some kick in our spagetti.

David said...

Maybe we should have saved a few for our own cooking. I don't think I would go through that many peppers in even a year.