Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No more regular cassoulet at Le Singe Vert

We had dinner with Crystal and Cristiana last night at Le Singe Vert. Cristiana is in town promoting her small poetry press, The Press Gang.

This restaurant is where I ate my first cassoulet. I just noticed that it was almost exactly one year ago. That's so crazy. Or maybe not. My point is that it's no longer a regular item on their menu. But the waitress said that it's sometimes a special. So I'll have to plan ahead next time. I've eaten cassoulet a few times over the past year, even once at Bouchon, but the one I had at Le Singe Vert a year ago is still the best.

They didn't have what I wanted last night, but there was a bonus. I got the hanger steak instead, and it came with a marrow bone! And it was a very nice one.

Mabel wants to add that the apple tart was really good. Very caramelly.

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