Wednesday, December 3, 2008

53rd and 6th chicken and rice cart

This is a backlogged post from November 30, 2007. That's right, over a year ago.

I had finally made it out to the illustrious 53rd St and 6th Ave Chicken and Rice cart. They're so famous, they have a website saying how famous they are,

I remember that I went there after seeing Nicolas Kristof speak at the New York Public Library about Darfur. Josh invited me, but Priscilla happened to have tickets too. And the three of us went to get chicken and rice afterwards.

I had only been here one time before, and I did it all wrong. I didn't put any white sauce on my chicken because they didn't give me any. But this time I put white sauce and hot sauce on it. I can still remember that I put too much hot sauce on. But it was so good. I like the hot sauce.

I haven't been back since. For me, it's not worth a special trip, although I know a few people who would strongly disagree.

53rd and 6th Chicken and Rice
53rd St and 6th Ave (South-west corner)
New York, NY

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