Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hot peppers

I read all the easy-to-read good papers for my thesis a month ago, and now I'm reading all the crummy, poorly written papers I saved for myself. And I'm at an impasse. So I figure I might as well catch up on some backlogged posts.

I took this picture back in September.

These are hot peppers in my parents' garden. My mom strung a bunch of them together so that I could hang them up in my apartment to dry.

And these have been drying since Septmember until I just took the picture a few minutes ago. I finally used one of the hot peppers last night in a stir fry. I've been cutting up partially thawed pork chops from our pig really thin (it's easier to slice them thin when it's half frozen) and using that for stir fries so that we don't get sick of eating large pork chops all the time.

That reminds me, yesterday I went to the Mee Sum Coffee Shop for lunch. And it looks like I was there exactly a year ago. Their chicken soup is still good, although not quite as good as I remember it. But it's still cheap. I paid $3.75 with a cup of coffee.

On my way back home, I bought some vegetables from a random shop in Chinatown: a red bell pepper, a piece of ginger, and a bunch of baby spinach. It was only $2. I never want to go to Gristedes again. I never wanted to go to Gristedes before either, but this is just one more reason not to.

Anyway, those vegetables made it into the stir fry, along with the hot pepper.

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