Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hercules Fancy Grocery

Mabel and I went to Grand Sichuan for dinner tonight. We got this somewhat scary Spicy Fish Soup where the soup is so spicy that you're not supposed to drink it.

And we discovered that they have Red Pork. This is the Mao's Red Pork dish that we love so much. It wasn't as good as when we make it, but it was still great. And it beats having to spend an afternoon cooking it.

Anyway, there was a light snow and it wasn't ridiculously cold, so we decided to walk around after dinner. I wanted to head up to Gourmet Garage to buy some maraschino cherries and junk food. But on our way up 7th Ave, we spotted this place:

Hercules Fancy Grocery. I figured that they might have what we were looking for.

Well, they didn't. But they had lots and lots of beer. And lots and lots of Belgian beer.

This is an awesome store. They don't have any fancy groceries that I could see. Mostly just beer. I was marveling at their selection when Hercules himself, behind his refrigerated counter, asked if I needed any help.

I said that I just stumbled in and was looking around. And he said he had lots of Belgian beers. And I said that yes it looked that way. Then he pulled out a St Bernardus Prior 8 and asked if I'd ever had this beer. And I said, well, yes I've had that beer, and it's a very good one. And then he put it away and pulled out a bottle of Nostradamus beer and asked if I'd ever had that one. And I said, well, no I have not.

And then he pulled out a bottle of St Bernardus Christmas Ale.

And he said this beer, they no longer make this beer. And I said, you mean for the season, right? And he said, yes, for the season. And then I asked what the prices were. And then I chose the Christmas Ale.

He rewarded my choice by saying, "You getta-this-beer, you no meaga-mistake." What a salesman! I like that!

When we got back home Mabel said, "I guess we have to go there from now on."

Hercules Fancy Grocery
27 Morton St (btn 7th Ave and Bedford St)
New York, NY 10014


momneedsanap said...

So how spicy was the scary Spicy Fish Soup?

Wow, what's UP with Grand Sichuan and their need to add so much dried red peppers to their dishes? They can't fish them out before serving it to their guests? Maybe they got a great deal of red peppers from their supplier and is trying to get rid of them? (smile)

That scary Spicy Fish Soup does look scary. It looks like roasted red beetles that you get from Korean street vendors. Yum (smile)

David said...

I think that the ridiculous number of peppers thing is a theme in Sichuan cooking. It's not as spicy as the spiciest Kimchi Jjigae, but there's an additional red peppery flavor that you get with all these peppers that I haven't tasted before. I was still sweating a bit by the end of the meal, though. I like it, but it's not something I'd do every day. It's a bit hard on the digestion.

Priscilla said...

hey you have to get the nostradamus beer next time, if you haven't had it. In vino veritas used to serve it, but not anymore, and I remember it being pretty good, especially if you are a Guinness fan, its a dark beer.

David said...

Hey Priscilla, I'll give Nostradamus a try the next time I stop by.