Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back & Foot Rub (and Minca)

One of the peculiarities of the West Village is the density of cheap Chinese massage places. I had found a gem on Carmine Street that charged only $48 for an hour ($40 between 11 am and 3 pm, if you can believe it) for an extremely intense and effective shiatsu/deep tissue massage. I was looking forward to getting a massage one day when, Jane-Eyre/burnt-Thornfield-style I found the store cleared out and a sign tacked on the window stating, "Thank you customers, Moving to 10th and McDougall." I was crushed, but not truly heartbroken until I looked for 10th and MacDougal and realized that it didn't exist.

Fast-forward a few months. Fleurise convinced me to go on an expedition to find my old massage place by walking up and down MacDougal. I got pretty discouraged, but then on the intersection between 8th and MacDougal, we found this:

And it was the right place!! Fleurise and I got our massages and then went to Minca to top off our day with ramen (which, by the way, is my new favorite ramen place; get the Shoyu ramen with thick noodle - the broth is flavorful and rich, and the noodle has an addictive and perfectly calibrated amount of chewiness. Better, I'm sorry to say, than the hand-pulled noodles at Food Shing.)

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dave said...

"10th and McDougall" LOL