Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Two days after Bloomsday, it was our 4th anniversary. So we went to Daniel to celebrate. We planned on getting the prix fixe, but our resolve crumbled after we saw the menu. We justified our change in decision the way we usually justify our weakness of will with such matters - we work hard, we don't buy nice clothes, we may not be in the city in a few years, and therefore wouldn't we regret not getting the tasting menu?

So we did. The food was delicious - more obviously and satisfyingly so than at Le Bernadin. The timing of some of the dishes were off, but we didn't care - we weren't in any hurry. We speculated that someone was on vacation. The restaurant was beautiful. It is hard for me to remember specific dishes, they were all so good. It is just all awash in one long memory of spending four happy hours at Daniel.

The wines were excellent, though not as life-changing an experience as at Le Bernadin. The pours were quite generous and Dave had to take a quick break at the pinot noir, though he bounced back quickly. We liked our sommelier a lot even though we couldn't understand his descriptions very well due to his thick French accent.

There was a point in the dinner when I dropped a piece of food on my dress. We were startled when two or three people rushed over with a real look of concern in their eyes to ask if everything was okay. It was a funny moment.

Towards the end, as the restaurant was emptying out, it seemed like some of the staff were feeling a little giddy. Our sommelier took this photo of himself with our camera:

Then we decided to take a nicer picture of him and the person-who-took-our-order-and-orchestrated-our-dinner:

At the beginning when we told the person-who-took-our-order-and-orchestrated-our-dinner that it was our anniversary, the look that flashed across his face made me realize how neat it must be to work in the kind of restaurant where people come to celebrate such events.

And that's us - we're 4 years old!

60 E 65th St
New York, NY 10065
(212) 288-0033


wanda said...

hi mabel, i think we had the same guy-who-took-our-orders-and-orchestrated-the-dinner. we also had a great experience at daniel. if you let them know in advance, they print special menus for your with the special occassion on it.

Mabel said...

Wow, that's really good to know! We were joking about next time having them print a menu without prices for me, but the special printed menus are even better!