Thursday, October 1, 2009

BLT Prime

Mabel had a $25 gift certificate to BLT Prime, so we went last Sunday to check it out.

Overall, we found it sorely disappointing, mainly because the steak was either not cooked right or because the steak itself wasn't great. We got the "BLT" cut (their quotes) which is a double-thick bone in NY strip steak for two. Medium-rare. Sounds like you couldn't go wrong with that, eh? Well, the outside of it was double-burnt and it was cooked more or less rare-raw. I think they forgot to finish it in the oven, but that's a big thing to forget. Now, I have nothing against almost raw steak, but it has to be good. This steak was dry and a bit grisly. It was definitely aged, but it made me realize that I've taken Florence and the meat from great steakhouses for granted. Now that I think of it, I've been taking Outback for granted as well. The sauce, which was provided in a mini gravy boat was very nice, but the sauce should not make the steak.

Aside from the steak, the rest of the meal was lots of fun. They started us with complimentary chicken liver pate which was really fantastic, and a nice touch. They also give you free popovers which was completely unexpected and fun, a nice alternative to a bread basket, although they took them away when the rest of the meal came which I thought was strange. We ordered hash browns with leeks which were a bit of a let down, and sauteed chanterelles which I liked but Mabel thought were too salty (I though the saltiness offset the blandness of the hash browns).

I was kind of offended by the wine list where the vast majority of wines were over $100. This place was nice, but not that nice. It's just obscene.

So the meal was very mixed. They did high and low brow, well and poorly cooked, bland and salty. I don't understand how this restaurant survives. Anyway, it was educational. When Mabel got back home she said that the BLT Prime steak made her crave the steaks we get from Florence more. I'll be grilling a couple of those tonight.

BLT Prime
111 E 22nd St (btn Park & Lexington Ave)
New York, NY 10010

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