Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hakata Tonton

Our friend Soes recommended Hakata Tonton to us a while ago. Dave, Fleurise, and I made it out during a nippy day that was perfect for a hot pot. We ordered the Hakata Tonton hot pot, which was very satisfying.

I'm not quite sure which menu we ended up ordering, but an order of the tebasaki chicken wings came out. They were amazing, and were seriously the lightest and most delicately prepared chicken wings I have ever had. These are the same type of wings that Tebaya makes, but you can't really compare them - they are each tasty in their own way.

We also ordered their Foie Gras Sushi Inari, which was delicious. I know it was just regular sushi with a little square of foie gras, but you can't argue with deliciousness.

The only disappointment was, ironically, the pigs feet, for which this establishment is named. I grew up eating pigs feet, but Hakata Tonton's dish wasn't that appealing to me. Dave started overheating toward the end of dinner as he sometimes does in warm restaurants. Fleurise and I finished off dinner with black sesame ice cream (which I can never resist, especially since it is kind of hard to find). When we left, one of the waitresses stood outside and gave us each a pez from a dispenser. Overall, I had a really good time at Hakata Tonton. I am definitely coming back for another round.

Hakata Tonton
61 Grove St.
New York, NY 10014

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