Friday, January 8, 2010

Candlewyck Deli

I'm at my parents' place in between interviews, studying for the boards. Today I went to the Candlewyck Deli to buy a cheesesteak.

This place has been around for at least as long as my family has lived in the area but I only started going there after leaving for college. I never quite realized that the deli is really part of the restaurant next door. That explains their large (shared) kitchen.

The cheesesteak was respectable.

This place has a surprisingly great beer selection, with a good number of Belgian-style beers. Definitely much better than the local Wawa.

Candlewyck Deli
2551 Durham Rd (Rt 413 at US 202)
Buckingham, PA 18912
(215) 794-8233

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