Friday, January 15, 2010

Dry Sausage

I needed a way to avoid eating lunch at the Au Bon Pain at Bellevue (the ones who ousted our beloved Towers Cafe). I knew I couldn't do pasta and sauce anymore (both storebought for convenience and cheapness) - I did that my whole first year of anesthesia residency and seriously needed a break from the combo. After I spied some leftover dry sausage in the fridge, I tried cubing it and adding it to some rice and a random veggie. It was surprisingly good! After the sausage is warmed up in the microwave, it ends up tasting kind of like fancy spam. The sausage is even better fried - you don't even need to add oil because the sausage is oily enough on its own. Am I allowed to fry dry sausage?

I got excited about my new idea, and got a little carried away the next time I went grocery shopping.

I had already bought two dry sausages at Murray's, but then when I went to Citarella, I saw the sopressata, and I remembered Rufino telling me that that was his favorite type. So I bought that, too. Dave then told me that Faico's has their own famous handmade sausage. Drat. I guess I'll get to it eventually.


Sis said...

You all have a great blog. For prepackaged mini-soppressatas like the ones on your photo, try Trader Joe's Volpi brand.

Mabel said...

Thanks, I'll keep a look out. Though I have to ask - does a 10 oz sopressata count as a mini-sopressata or does it just look small in the picture?