Sunday, January 3, 2010

Les Halles Downtown

Jen and Soes invited us to their new church this morning, and afterwards we all ate lunch at Les Halles.

I've never been to any of the Les Halles-es in the city before. It was nice, felt like a classic brasserie except there was a smell of fish sauce in the air. Service was good. I got an order of cassoulet which was very good.

Everything was exactly how I would have liked it except that there wasn't as much variety of stuff as there could have been (there was duck confit, 2 bacon, and 2 sausage). The toasted breadcrumbs on top were perfect. I was very happy. I like this place, at least for brunch.

Mabel got their brunch deal: 2 poached eggs, frisee salad (which she loves), a croissant, and a glass of orange juice. They surprised her with fries.

Les Halles Downtown
15 John Street
New York, NY 10038

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