Monday, January 4, 2010

Tacos el Idolo and 99-Cents Fresh Pizza West Village

I was on my way to insure my new camera at the local State Farm when I passed this taco truck that I've passed dozens of times. But this was the first time that I noticed the temporary walls around the side of the truck.

Brilliant! It reminded me of the fancy temporary vestibules (although this wasn't technically a vestibule) set up in front of nice restaurants made by the Acme Awning Company and written about in the New Yorker several years ago. The Acme vestibules don't really work. I wondered if this thing did.

But first things first, I got my camera insured. Then I noticed a newly opened 99-Cents Fresh Pizza!

I love 99-Cents Fresh Pizza. I saw this outpost for the first time in December and have been meaning to try it out. This slice had to be heated up so it wasn't exactly fresh like the midtown location. It didn't taste quite as good as midtown either, the flavor was a bit like frozen Ellio's Pizza, but hey, it's only $1. The guy says that they've only been open for a month.

The place looks very ad hoc, as if they set up in someone's apartment kitchen.

I finished my pizza while ordering a carne asada taco from the Tacos el Idolo truck, standing inside the plastic walls hanging off their awning. The walls make a huge difference, it was freezing today. All street carts should set these things up. Acme has a new market to expand into.

The taco was okay.

Corn tortillas are always appreciated and there were radishes. The lime wedge was dried out though and only had a few drops of juice in it. The meat was dry, a bit of salsa would go a long way. Maybe next time.

Tacos el Idolo truck
6th Ave btn Washington Pl and W 4th St (east side)

99-Cents Fresh Pizza West Village
388 6th Ave (btn 8th Ave and Waverly)
New York, NY 10011

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