Thursday, February 25, 2010

Caviar from Dean and Deluca

This post originally took place on 12/20/2009.

Shortly after the first big snow storm of the year, Mabel and I went for a walk through Central Park and decided to use a gift certificate to Dean and Deluca from James and Christine.

They had given us the gift certificate the previous Christmas, and we were approaching the next Christmas, so we figured it was about time. We had used a previous gift certificate to Dean and Deluca several years ago to buy various kinds of salt, including Truffle Salt. We know how ridiculous that sounds--it's reminiscent of the Salt of the Month Club prank gift box that the Onion used to sell--but we learned the difference between Maldon, fleur de sel, and regular old salt. Anyway, this time we decided to use the certificate to subsidize some caviar.

We got some French trout roe and American White Sturgeon and Paddlefish (aka Spoonbill). I co-opted our terrine for ice.

I toasted up some Pepperidge Farm white bread without crusts, whipped some creme fraiche, and we had a little feast.

Dean and Deluca
560 Broadway (at Prince St)
New York, NY 10012

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