Sunday, February 7, 2010

Point/Counterpoint: Sam's Falafel

I think Sam's Falafel is better than Taim.

Yesterday we stopped by Sam's. Dave ordered a falafel sandwich.

I got a swarma sandwich.

The vegetables at Sam's taste much fresher than at Taim; the tomatoes, in particular, always surprise me. The proprietor does just the right proportion of the various sauces and spices. Dave thinks that Taim is better because the bread is fresher and because they put more falafel in their sandwiches. These points are indeed true. However, I posit that the density of the bread and the amount of falafel makes for a unsatisfyingly heavy sandwich. Thus, in conjunction with the vegetable freshness issue, a sandwich from Sam's Falafel is superior to one from Taim. Q.E.D.

Bonus points:
Sam's Falafel's proprietor, Mustafa, is really nice. If you get a platter and eat it in his little eatery, he'll toast the pita bread perfectly, with a little bit of crunch (he says he does it the way he likes to eat it himself). He'll give you an extra pita bread for free if you're still hungry. And he sprinkles a little rose water over the baklava - delicious and almost overwhelmingly fragrant.

Sam's Falafel
231 Thompson St (btn 3rd and Bleecker St)
New York, NY 10012

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