Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

For Valentine's Day Mabel asked for only two things: a bunch of roses bought from the corner grocer and not eating leftovers like we did last year.

I bought the roses at Bleecker Farms, and the bouquet was way nicer and cheaper than either of us expected. Go Bleecker Farms!

As for dinner, I really don't remember the last time we ate out for Valentine's Day or even if we ever did. We must have at some point. All I remember is a few years ago I decided to get over my whole aversion to going out on Valentine's day and actually made a reservation at the now defunct Cafe des Artistes which then proceeded to cancel the reservation without telling me about it. Something there is that doesn't love a Chung Valentine's Day night out.

Anyway, we like cooking dinner for Valentine's Day, except for last year's Leftovers Day. After lunch at Keste and a walk around the neighborhood, we stopped by Citarella and picked up a few of our favorite things.

I popped open some Fisher Island Oysters to start.

They were briny and as wonderful as usual.

Some of the unused ingredients from the Pork Dinner made it into this dinner, so they weren't technically leftovers. I made this frisee salad with grilled artichoke hearts.

And I wasn't kidding before when I wrote about being somewhat obsessed with agnolotti. I made it again, 2 days in a row. I made what I like to call Mint Love Agnolotti.

I modified Babbo's Mint Love Letters recipe. I used their mint and pea filling and their merguez sausage sauce, but instead of their rectangle ravioli, I used the agnolotti shape and dough.

I kind of like the agnolotti shapes better for this recipe. The filling on this second try was thinner and it was very liquidy after cooking. When you bit into the agnolotti, they sort of popped in your mouth. It reminded me a bit of what it might feel like biting into one of those Andrés-Adrià Olive Bombs, except, of course, in this case it's with mint. I love agnolotti.

Mabel liked the wine, Marchand Freres "Vieilles Vignes" 2007, Bourgogne.

I note it only because it was part of a mixed case of wine I bought from Sherry-Lehmann where I pick out the cheapest wines, and when I find a winner I try to remember it, or at least the producer, for the next case.

Mabel was disappointed with the Van Leeuwen ice cream we served at dinner on Saturday. I got a pint of the mint chocolate chip from Murray's and it wasn't worth it. It's not the same as getting it from their trucks at all. So she told me to pick up a pint of Il Laboratorio del Gelato Mint Chocolate Chip (which we love). Unfortunately, Murray's was closed. So I got a pint of Mint Haagen-Dazs Five ice cream (no chips) from Bleecker Farms. Oh Bleecker Farms, what would I do without you?

As for the chocolate chips, I used my recently acquired rotary Microplane to grate part of a chocolate bar over the ice cream, and voila!

It was good. And we finished dinner with some milk and part of a cookie we bought from Insomnia Cookies earlier in the day.

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