Monday, March 15, 2010

Olive oil poached salmon

My parents sent me back to New York with some wild salmon that they bought at their Korean market in Philadelphia. It was really good quality and had a nice creamy texture to it in tartare form. I decided to treat it right by making olive oil poached salmon for dinner tonight. It was the first time I've poached fish in oil.

I kept the temperature between 170-190 degrees with my trusty new Polder electronic thermometer. I couldn't bring myself to use 100% olive oil, so I cut it with canola oil, about 50/50, which oddly made it taste a bit like Bertolli olive oil.


Anyway, I added garlic, shallot, dill, rosemary, and lemon zest and cooked until Mabel arrived, about 15 minutes. As a final, smoky coup de gras (as opposed to grace), I wrapped them in Surryano ham.

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