Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shake Shack and Neil's Coffee Shop

I got to spend most of last Friday hanging out with Diana.

We met up for an early lunch at Shake Shack. It was threatening rain, and the crowd of people was sparse. There were many, many squirrels however.

I don't like it when squirrels get too close. And I don't understand people who try hand feeding squirrels. It seems like the worst idea ever. But I have a feeling that these squirrels have been conditioned to be fed by people. The one above looks too fat for the end of winter. The one below got way too close.

It jumped right up on our table, at least 3 times, and I had to physically push it off each time. It was impossible to shoo away. It looked at my shoo-ing hand as if I was tossing it food.

Anyway, the rest of lunch was very nice. The heat lamps are great, and the burgers tasted even better than I remembered them (I think because they were on the rare side of medium-rare). After the squirrels got to be too much, we headed to the Met.

I have been wanting to see their newly-renovated American Wing for a while. It was a very nicely re-done atrium. Diana pointed out that it reminded her of a mall, but what's more American than a mall? We checked out the storage-like Luce Center, and I saw these cool pastry cutters.

This one is apparently a combination fork and meat tenderizer as well.

I like the square wave pattern that this one makes. I'm not sure why there are mini fists on the end but they're cool. And the fork again? What's that for? Why so many questions?

Madame X was just a few cases away. Just four years ago there were banners all over Boston with her image, and it was weird seeing the painting hidden away now. Since it was frameless, Diana hypothesized that they were maybe fixing the frame. Hmm.

Back in the new atrium they put out a good bunch of pottery. I liked this vase a lot (ca. 1922-28, Fulper Pottery Co., Flemington, NJ).

It's cool how the glaze crystallized like that.

In the jewelry section, I thought these earrings were really cool (ca. 1882-85, Tiffany & Co., New York City).

I figured that maybe crime was a problem in the 19th century and that these covers helped deter muggings. When I asked Mabel about it later, she seemed to think that they're just protective storage covers.

We tried going to the cafe at Maison du Chocolat afterwards, but the cafe was temporarily closed as it always is when I try to go there. It was difficult finding a good place to get a cup of coffee, and we walked around in the rain for a while until we came upon Neil's Coffee Shop.

The last time either of us had been here was several years ago with Jen after church when we similarly couldn't find any other place to go. I guess that makes Neil's Coffee Shop my go to place on the Upper East side.

Update 3/16/10
Turns out that the Met has a little blurb on the earrings.

Shake Shack
Madison Square Park
Madison Avenue and 23rd Street

Neil's Coffee Shop
961 Lexington Ave (at 70th St)
New York, NY 10021
(212) 628-7474‎


Crystal Baik said...

I was attacked by a squirrel at USC last week-- the rodent tried to claw his way into my lunch bag and then lunged at me when I tried to shoo-shoo him away. Awful.

David said...

That sounds horrifying! I'm glad you didn't get bit.