Friday, April 9, 2010

Change towards the Vita-Mix

Our change jar was full so we decided to cash it in, so to speak. We're saving up for a Vita-Mix.

Here's Mabel on her way to our neighborhood Duane Reade where they have a Coinstar.

Here she is at said Duane Reade. The Coinstar machine used to be around where that Blockbuster machine and ATM are. Turns out that they got rid of the Coinstars from all the Duane Reades months ago.

Now we're stuck with this heavy jar of change while running the rest of our errands. Here's the jar at the dry cleaners.

And here it is at Mailboxes.

That jar is like our little garden gnome.

Here's the jar at Taim.

It is sitting next to a delicious berry and Thai basil smoothie made on Taim's Vita-mix.

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