Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beef head soup at Jin Young Restaurant

This post took place on June 6 and 7, 2010.

We took a day to travel from Seoul to Geoje island by train and boat. When we got in we were hungry. The town by the ferry station was packed with small restaurants, and my mom picked out a 6 table restaurant based on feel and the fact that there were 2 groups there (as opposed to none for the majority of the places).

People were eating jeongol, and she picked out beef head jeongol which none of us had seen on a menu before. It was awesome. It was like sulungtang except with better meat.

I think they used a bone marrow stock, and there was a lot of cartilagenous stuff in the meat. I love it. No brains as far as I could tell.

The banchan was really good too. Really good anchovy preparation and they had this great marinated red pepper oyster dish.

We liked the place so much that we returned the next morning for breakfast. They're a 24 hour place. In the light of day, we noticed that the place is named after me, Jin Young, my Korean name.

We got soon dobu which surprisingly came out in a communal pot. For banchan there was this lotus root which was really good, those great anchovies, and pieces of fish cake. I realized one of the things that made all of them so great was an al dente quality. It's something I hadn't thought about in Korean food but it makes a huge difference.

A bunch of BP workers wearing orange jumpsuits came in for their end-of-shift meal.

The restaurant workers sat down to eat with them like old friends. Another man sat at the table next to us and ate doenjang jjigae while going through receipts from overnight.

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Michelle said...

Yes, the beef head makes for a tastier meal.

You're right about the bone marrow stock. They take the bones and leave it in water overnight to get all the blood out of it.

Then they throw that water away, add fresh water, and then boil the bones to death. That is why the soup is so white.