Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beijing area tour restaurants

This post originally took place between May 25-27, 2010.

I'm on my China and Korea trip with my parents. We spent the first 4 days in the Beijing area, where Chung Food is blocked completely! The first thing we did was visit Tienanmen and the Forbidden City.

The rest of our time is in Korea, where we are right now.

We've been doing tours and food has been spotty, particularly on the Beijing area tour. A typical site for our meals was a large banquet hall with service designed to deal with dozens of tour bus arrivals. This is what one of these arrivals looked like.

While an impressive logistic accomplishment, they really didn't put much care into the food. The one positive experience I had at these places was discovering Chinese white liquor.

It is potent stuff. Colorless, but tastes like whiskey, and it's awesome.

Another Chinese tour place we ate at had the distinction of selling dead live fish.

Multiple Chinese tour restaurants
Located no where you want to be

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