Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gimpo Market, Korea

This post originally took place on May 28, 2010.

After arriving in Korea from Beijing and navigating the Seoul subway line from Inchon airport, we got out at the Gimpo Market station to get to our hotel. We settled in and started wandering around to find dinner. I was excited to eat Korean food.

At first it didn't seem promising.

But then we came a upon this cookie truck.

It was late in the day, so they gave us dozens of assorted cookies for 3,000 W (just under $3). We ate them for breakfast and as snacks over the next week. The peanut cookies at the top of the bag were light and peanuty and my favorites.

We were planning on eating at a seafood place, but then I saw fried chicken in the window of this place.

Korean fried chicken! I just wanted a taste, but they only sold them in batches. We ended up getting this large plate of fried chicken for 6,500 W. It was delicious. Super crispy skin and flavorful meat. They left the sauce on the side which was sweet and not that spicy.

It looks like they double fry their chicken. A pre-fry which they display in their window and then a second fry to order. This is a tiny, tiny place with only 2 tables. When we were there it was run by only 1 person who took orders, did the frying, served the chicken and accouterments, and did the dishes.

That would have been a great evening in itself, but then we discovered a long covered market.

I saw the largest pile of garlic ever.

Some whole beef bones.

We reached the end of the market and came upon a pork dumpling and red bean bun stand.

They were good and fresh. Local elections were going on and on our walk back to the hotel a mobile campaign vehicle passed. There was a guy on it waving and saying "Thank you very much" (in Korean) over and over again.

I was pretty full and we'd decided to nix a sit down dinner, but then we saw a fish cake stand.

It was the best tasting fish cake ever. Dad says that it's because I was eating it on the street. Maybe he's right, but it was awesome in and of itself. They give you a dixie cup of the fish cake cooking broth to drink which had a clean taste. Very satisfying.


d said...'re making me miss things about Seoul. Now I want some patbingsu.

I hope your parents and you are having a great time. Safe travels!

David said...

Thanks Diana, we're having a fun time. There's awesome patbingsu in K-town, let's get some when I come back.