Sunday, June 6, 2010

Insadong jeongol and tea

This post originally took place on May 29, 2010.

On our second day in Korea we did some apartment scouting in the middle of old Seoul then had lunch at a relative's house in Sochodong. Ja Won, one of our relatives, took us on a bus ride over the river to Sejongno Street where there is a beautiful fountain and statues of Admiral Sun Shin and King Sejong.

We got roasted chestnuts from this stand

and ate them on the Cheonggyecheon river.

We got soft drinks from the ubiquitous 7-Eleven to wash the chestnuts down then headed to Insadong for a real dinner.

This is the main drag in Insadong with alleyways shooting off of it. Lots of restaurants and ceramics stores. Lots of people walking around. We ate at Sadong Myeonok, a dumpling place that Diana recommended.

It was great. We got Mandu-Jeongol which was cooked at the table.

The dumplings are huge!

Ja Won introduced me to Makgeolli, this inexpensive alcoholic rice slurry drink with active cultures that you drink out of bowls. It is sweet and delicious, I could drink it like juice. It's apparently the #1 drink in Korea and Japan and you can buy it everywhere. Of the few brands I've tried since this meal, this brand is still my favorite.

I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't heard of this drink. My parents have always known about it and Mabel says she knew about it for a while but thought it was a girls drink. I don't care if it is a girls drink. I love it.

We finished our evening with tea at a converted traditional home that is now a tea house and gallery. It had a really nice feel to it and was busy on a Saturday night but still easy to get a table. I like Korea.

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