Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jagalchi market, outdoors

This post took place on June 7, 2010 in Busan.

I finally googled mungae. It's Korean for sea squirt.

We had to pass back through Busan to get from Geojedo to Seoul, and we decided to eat at the fish market again.

Still full from eating mungae bibimbap, we took time to walk through the outdoor markets.

Mom and dad were skeptical of the value of the indoor market and really wanted to eat at an outdoor place, so we did. I picked the place that had the healthiest-looking nakji, aka baby octopus.

We ordered nakji, mungae, and flounder. I was really looking forward to the nakji.

It was still wriggling around on the plate.

It tasted super fresh and wasn't as chewy as I thought it would be. You dip it in a sesame oil-salt mix. After a while the octopus stops wriggling, until you touch it. There seems to be some sort of reflex action going on.

I was a bit sick of mungae, but the stuff from this place was really good.

They were turning the mungae over in the tank and you could see them squirting water. Sea squirts squirting water equals live sea squirts. These were the freshest mungae we ate on the trip. I didn't even notice that metallic, iodine tang. It was just very nice to eat.

The flounder was a treat.

And like everything else, it went from live to our plates in less than 5 minutes.


Michelle said...

Cool video of the nakji wiggling like jello!

David said...

Thanks for all the comments! Glad the posts are making you feel nostalgic.

jc said...

I grew up in Busan. It's so nice to see the market again. It's been 20 years since I saw Mungae! Haha. Thanks for sharing.