Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lunch at North Korean restaurant

This post originally took place on May 27, 2010.

On our third day in China our guide took us to eat Naeng Myun at a North Korean Restaurant. Yes, we were in a Communist country. There are two styles of Naeng Myun that I'm aware of, Hamhung and Pyongyang, both out of North Korean towns. I've only seen Hamhung Naeng Myun in the US, but this place had Pyongyang style where the noodles are a bit softer and more translucent.

We started off with some pig blood sausage which tasted a bit bland. I'm told by the others at the table that it could have been better. But the Naeng Myun was very good, and new to me.

The only problem was that my mom was a bit hesitant about eating at the restaurant to begin with and when the entertainment started she walked out.

They were singing this song where they repeated "We are happy to see you" over and over again. A bunch of South Korean tourists up front were really getting into it, a few grandmothers were standing up and clapping. It set an upbeat mood, and my mom couldn't stand it. She said it was the same song the North Koreans sang when they visited London recently. North Korean brainwashing propaganda. They try to make it look and taste good.


Michelle said...

Hahaha!! That's funny your mom walked out when the entertainment started. She's right to do that, of course. Sounds like something my dad would do.

There is a popular North Korean restaurant in Los Angeles called YongSuSan. "San" in Korean means Mountain so there must be a YongSu Mountain in North Korea.

My father told me that in absolutely NO circumstance can we go to YongSuSan.

They have 1 restaurant in Los Angeles and 6 branches in Korea.

David said...

I didn't know there were any North Korean places in LA. I forgot to mention that this place in China had North Korean waitresses and entertainers. So it felt more explicitly like propaganda. I guess she didn't have any problem with North Korean food per se.