Monday, October 4, 2010

Amsterdam - Day 2

This morning, we went to the Albert Cuyp Street Market - sort of like a Rue Cler/flea market hybrid. There were grocery stands, cheese booths, and a rotisserie (I love the Dutch word for chicken - kip!), but also baseball caps, underwear, sequined skirts, and perfume. I saw some gorgeous garlic.

We had the great fortune to stumble upon an eetcafe populated only with locals: the "Cafe Coffeehouse."

When we walked in, there was a group of 4 or so older Dutch men who looked liked regulars. They were friendly; one offered me the paper, but as it was only in Dutch, I regretfully declined. I got a cappuccino and a nice ham, cheese and tomato sandwich. Fleurise got a delicious hot kip sandwich on soft bread.

We spent a bit of time at the Rijksmuseum. Then, as the weather was holding up well, we walked through the city going along the lively Leidsestraat, the Flower Market, Kalverstraat, the serene Begijnhof courtyard, a secret Catholic church, Dam Square and the busy main throughway to Central Station, Damrak.

Navigating around Amsterdam was both easier and harder than I expected. On the one hand, I was surprised to find that everyone speaks English. On the other hand, being a pedestrian here feels pretty treacherous; you have to be nimble when walking through the city, as there are hordes of bicyclists, motorcyclists, and disturbingly quiet trams that threaten life and limb. It made me thankful for pedestrian-only streets like Kalverstraat.

We headed back to the market for what ended up becoming an eating spree. We found the siroopwafel man. Fleurise had been on a mission all morning to eat siroopwafels and was ecstatic to have found him. It was the wafel that she ate everytime she came to Amsterdam, and it wouldn't have been a real trip without having one.

We had two freshly made siroopwafels (thin wafels with syrup in the middle).

Since we had had some difficulty finding him, Fleurise asked the siroopwafel man what his hours were. His response: "Sometimes I come late, sometimes I leave early." We got Vietnamese leompia (eggroll) and bapao (meat bun).

Then we got frites with mayonnaise. Here is a closeup of the frites in all their mayonnaise-y glory.

We were pretty stuffed. We headed back to Uncle E's place and sat outside drinking beer and wine.

We couldn't help ourselves when we saw this particular brand.

I liked it a lot - it was a less sweet version of framboise, like a grown-up soda framboise.

We ran inside when the rain began to come down. Uncle E cooked us adobo chicken and pork and a vegetable stir-fry. We ate with Tito Gert. The meal was delicious.

I would end the post here except I have to mention my newest obsession: Miffy. Miffy is a little rabbit who was created by a Dutch author. She has many adventures. Isn't she cute?

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Kavi said...

i love those waffles! and the fries look yummmm