Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Amsterdam - Day 3

Tragedy! My camera was acting up right as we were starting to have breakfast. So I couldn't take a picture of Uncle E's amazing garlic rice, the beautifully fried eggs, the tomato slices, nor the adobo. But I got it to work eventually and took a picture of this:

Smac! The Amsterdam equivalent of Spam! Breakfast included a few fried slices of Smac. There is nothing like egg over rice, and to have the rice be garlic rice and to have Spam, adobo, and that bit of tomato was like having breakfast in heaven. Predictably, Fleurise and I passed out from food coma afterwards. In the afternoon we went out with Uncle E, Tito Sonny, and his partner, Tito Jap, to Momo where we had some delicious rolls (the foie gras roll was a highlight).

We moved onto PC Hooftstraat, an area with fashionable stores. We had cappuccinos outside and enjoyed the perfect weather and the light.

The uncles went shopping. We headed home, passing by Australian, an ice cream store Fleurise is fond of. They have a funny advertisement on the window:

We sat outside again enjoying the weather some more. We read. Took Uncle E and Tito Gert to Akbar for Indian food. Briefly visited the Red Light District. And then our day was over.

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