Thursday, October 7, 2010

To Bruges

After a visit to the van Gogh museum, we headed to Centraal Station in an attempt to get to Bruges. It was torture! We missed the 1553 train by a hair, coming up on the platform just as the doors closed; we sadly watched it pull out of the station. We waited an hour and got on a red fancy train at the same platform at 1650 only to find out that it was a decoy train that was actually going to Paris. Someone told us to go to another platform, and so we ran to another track. In a moment’s hesitation in assessing whether it was the correct train, it, too, closed its doors and pulled out of the station. We waited another hour and finally caught the 1753 train out of Amsterdam, more than a little disgruntled.

But we successfully made our way to Antwerp, our connecting station. It was one of the most beautiful train stations Fleurise or I had ever seen, but we were too intent on catching our train to Bruges to take pictures. When we finally got there, 2 hours later than we intended, we felt triumphant.

We high-tailed it to the B&B and then walked to a pub, Herberg Vlissinghe, the oldest pub in town (from 1515). On the walk over, the looming gabled buildings, narrow cobbled streets, the canals, and the stillness of the town made us feel like we really were in 1515. At the pub, there was old dark wood and good beer.

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