Saturday, January 8, 2011

Burgers at Peter Luger's

One fine post-call day after a particularly brutal call, Fleurise, Rufino, and I realized that we were experiencing that rare conjunction of moons where friends are all post-call on the same day. It was a sign, and though the collective number of hours slept between the three of us was probably around six, we nonetheless decided to take advantage of the day by getting burgers at Peter Luger.

Getting a burger at Peter Luger had been on my must-eat list for a while; I was influenced by strong recommendations from colleagues ("No one should ever move away from New York City without trying this burger") as well as from well-publicized burger ranking lists (e.g. The Burger of the Month, whose list I am slowing working through: Strongly Agree with City Hall, Agree with Burger Joint, glad to see Shake Shack is not on the list).

We made our way to Brooklyn. Fleurise and I ordered our burgers rare and Rufino ordered his medium rare.

The burgers were amazing! The meat tasted so good. I am usually the kind of person that needs lettuce, tomato, and mayo to feel like I am eating a real burger, but with these burgers (including just patty, bun, cheese, and onion), the meat made the burger complete. We ordered bacon with our burgers, which manifest as these ridiculously thick canadian bacon slices. We ordered beer, which came ice cold in steins. The only thing I wondered was whether medium rare would be more juicy.

About a month later, I got a chance to try. Caroline, Fahad, Chris, and I had a free afternoon so we cabbed it over.

It was just as delicious the second time around. The medium rare was slightly more cooked, but surprisingly, not any more juicy. It didn't matter - the meat was still amazing. So I guess my personal best burger list would look something like this: Best Tasting and Best Quality of Meat with Coldest Beer: Peter Luger. Juiciest Burger: City Hall. Best Regular Fast Food Joint-Type Burger: Burger Joint and Five Guys. As I did with the first outing, I went home and passed out in burger bliss.

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micky said...

It seems that burger at Peter Luger are outstandingly tasty...

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