Monday, June 6, 2011

3 Flights into Campania

Larry and Ellen R. had extra tickets to a DeGustibus event, so Dave, Caroline, Stuart, and I spent an afternoon tasting wines from the Campania region of Italy. It was pretty darn amazing.

First, Anthony Giglio, our tour guide for the afternoon, turned out to be an energetic, knowledgeable and extremely entertaining sommelier; he taught us to "see, swirl, sniff, and savor" our wines. He happened to choose whites that were completely devoid of oak, which was good not only because I think I prefer non-oaky whites, but also because it took out one extra variable in the tasting experience.

Second, the sheer variety of wines to be experienced was mind-boggling. We had three "flights" - a term that I rapidly came to appreciate meant three stages of wine tastings with multiple wines per stage. There is nothing like learning to taste when you have 17 different wines to compare to one another. We had 6 whites, then another 5 whites, then 6 reds to finish off.

Here is Stuart in action.

Dave and I really liked the 2009 Vinosia Malvasia Salento and the 2009 Terredora Falanghina whites. The reds? By the time we got to them, they all tasted great. Yes, it was an option to "see, swirl, sniff, and spit," but what would the fun be in that?

The food was good - very simple; the chef, Barbara Lynch, was a fun and accomplished character herself (she heads a number of restaurants including No. 9 Park in Boston) although she seemed to be having a bad day (she lost her cell phone that morning; the intended dessert fell, which was broadcast to the entire crowd by the moderator and for which she had to scramble to make another dish; and she didn't like that fact that she had to do a pasta making demo in front of Giglio's family, who were all in attendance). We had a grilled caciocavallo cheese (sturdy enough to stand up to grilling) with spiced eggplant and pesto:

We also had some hand-cut pasta with slow roasted cherry tomatoes and olive. Simple and delicious.

There was some extra bread on hand to soak up the wine and then we headed out for Korean barbecue afterwards. I would say that an excellent time was had by all.

Pictures courtesy of Caroline!

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