Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cooking at Malouf's Mountain

For our sixth anniversary, we went camping at Malouf's Mountain near Beacon, NY. Mabel likes to refer to it as camping-lite. But we'd had to hike in for 30 minutes to reach the campsite (although they carried our bags on an ATV for us).

We got to do some campfire cooking. Unfortunately, we left the cooler on the train. It contained a large ribeye steak from Florence, lox, and quinoa. But they had some steaks on hand at Malouf's.

Mabel made Rice-A-Roni on our new portable stove. And we had a crisis averted.

We were happy campers.

For breakfast we made bacon, fried egg, and cheese sandwiches on our stove and set out for a day long hike. We didn't bring nearly enough water but we made it through.

We ordered salmon for dinner and cooked it over our campfire. I was out of olive oil so we cooked our spinach with some leftover bacon.

Mabel was really excited about the baked potatoes, which were cooked through!

We had smores for dessert.

Before heading out we made another batch of breakfast sandwiches. Mabel suggested poaching the eggs which was a brilliant idea. Much easier than frying eggs, at least with our stove.

We made a stop by Dia Beacon before heading back to the city.

And had dinner at Penang. It was nice to have someone else do the cooking and cleaning.

We caught them during Malaysian restaurant week and got a nice deal on our meal.

Malouf's Mountain
Beacon, NY 12508

127 W 72nd St (btn Columbus and Broadway)
New York, NY 10023

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