Thursday, June 30, 2011

A post-lecture celebration dinner

I recently had to give a 45 min lecture in front of the entire department of anesthesiology. It took me 6 weeks to prepare and in the days leading up to the talk, I found myself getting pretty nervous. So it was a big relief when I finally gave the talk. I was in the mood to celebrate in a big way, so I bought some ingredients for a celebratory dinner, invited my brother over, and then spent a few hours cooking up a few things I had a major craving for.

Artichokes were at the top of the list. I found a recipe for stuffed artichokes that seemed promising and watched an instructional video by Melissa Clark that made the task of cleaning artichokes seem really easy. Alas, for whatever reason, I found it extremely difficult to clean out the inner leaves. I felt like the artichoke was beating up my little paring knife. So I abandoned the endeavor and went ahead and just steamed the artichokes - 4 whole artichokes so that no one would feel deprived - and decided to make some fresh aioli for dipping. Heavenly - there is nothing better than having a whole artichoke to yourself, leaves and heart, as an excuse to eat loads of garlicky aioli.

I was also craving crab, so I bought a pound of jumbo lump crab from Citarella (the recipe called for a 1/2 pound for 4 people and I had 1 lb for 3 - did I mention that I didn't want anyone to feel deprived?). I found a simple recipe online for spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, cherry tomatoes, basil, and crab.

We drizzled it with our favorite olive oil, Frantoia, and rounded out the meal with a baby arugula salad, a crispy baguette, and a nice white.

We finished off the night with some mouth-watering watermelon juice that Dave whipped up in the blender.


d said...

Congrats, Mabel! I remember you mentioned the lecture when we last talked. How did it go? I bet you were great.

& happy belated anniversary!

Hope you two had a nice long weekend.

Mabel said...

The lecture was well received - thanks for asking! We did have a nice long weekend (we were quite lucky to have the weekend off at the same time!), and on the bus ride back from visiting Dave's parents, we saw fireworks on the Hudson!

d said...

Thank you for the recent posts. I love reading them. They give me a glimpse into what you two are up to, especially since you're both super busy. I hope you both stay healthy and cool this month!

& here's to your awesome blender. Hooray for more icy drinks!

Maybe I'll see you in August?

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