Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fleurise's last day in New York

It was Fleurise's last day in New York. Our game plan was to have breakfast, study, and then have dinner with a few people before she drove off into the sunset. So we started off with breakfast at Clinton St. Bakery. (Shopsins, our first choice, was perversely contrarian to our plans and was closed on Tuesdays. It was almost as if they knew). Breakfast at Clinton St. is not too shabby, though. There is an honest feel to the food and it is extremely tasty. The first time I had been there I got the Southern Breakfast (2 eggs, cheese grits, fried green tomatoes, and sugar-cured bacon = *amazing*). Today I got the huevos rancheros with a crisp tortilla that made the whole meal a treat. Fleurise got the country breakfast. After breakfast we had such a nice feeling of playing hooky that we decided we couldn't waste the day on studying; we proceeded to the Kips Bay AMC where we saw a matinee - Kung Fu Panda II in 3D. There is nothing like waltzing into a 10:30 am show, having the theater to yourself and then walking out with the rest of the day ahead of you!

Fleurise took care of some paperwork. I managed to squeeze in an eye appointment. We decided to go shopping for sunglasses at H&M since they were going to dilate my eyes and it was a sunny day. I found a pair of hot-orange glasses for $6.95. Not bad.

Afterward we went to First Republic and sat in their backyard section with cold drinks while we waited for Rufino, Caroline and Alex. We then had burgers at Whitman's. I though I knew were all the good burger places were, but Whitman's surprised me. I got their Juicy Lucy, which was very juicy and cheesy. They also had crispy kale that had been deep fried in oil. Everything was extremely delicious. A great end to an awesome day!

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