Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Car Camping in Maine - Day #1

David and I went car camping in Maine for about 10 days; I can't believe I didn't really know what car camping was before this trip. You get to camp (and be outdoors and have a campfire) but you also get to have a car (allowing you to bring a large cooler, a nice tent, cast iron skillet, olive oil, and so on). Driving to Maine took more than 8 hours, but it was so much more cheaper than flying and it was so convenient having the car during the trip that it was totally worth it. I heart car camping.

Dave and I got off to somewhat of a late start and so we ended up getting into Mount Desert Island and to Quietside Campground right at sunset. It was dark as we pitched the tent and unloaded the car. Luckily, I had dinner stuff ready to go - steak, arugula salad, and rice. It was an amazing meal for several reasons:

The rice - has anyone suffered through making rice pilaf on a camp stove? It is painful because it always takes a lot longer than you think it will. So I found this stuff in the supermarket: rice in a bag!

The bag has holes in it - large enough for water to get in but small enough to prevent the rice from getting out. Genius!! We just boiled the bags in water for 8 minutes or so and it was done. Super easy. Amazing.

The arugula salad - baby arugula from Satur Farms. I was originally going to mix my own salad dressing but Paul Newman's Olive oil vinaigrette ended up being just fine. Much less mess, no whisk needed, and everything is already in a bottle.

The steak - so I was zipping around Food Emporium making last minute purchases when this double thick bone-in rib-eye steak caught my eye. I found out that this monstrosity is called a cowboy cut. When I saw it I knew I had to buy it.

So we started the fire, cooked the steak on our cast iron skillet,

and had a wonderful meal.


Unknown said...

Nice post! We are going to Maine soon, doing camping as well with a car. We were surfing the net looking for infos about the journey.
We also like to write about travels and food. There's a recipe on our blog, kinda similar:

Kate and Fabio

kate said...

yes! now this is kate. I found your blog by googling "maine car camping", and I am so glad. i have been provisioning today and I am getting really excited about meals on this trip! great blog!

Mabel said...

Glad you found our blog useful! Thanks for sharing your URL - I've been having a great time looking through your posts!