Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Car Camping in Maine - Day #3

Josh and Eve had recommended several hikes so we started off with the Beehive, which ended up being somewhat of a terrifying hike/climb with open ledges and iron rungs.

But it was a short trail, and the views at the top were amazing.

We had lunch near the summit of Mt. Champlain overlooking a small lake. I figured out several different sandwich combos for this trip, one of which was a humus sandwich with sprouts, cucumber, red pepper, and boiled egg (from the Healthy College Cookbook, which, for any Ephs out there, was published by a few Williams students as a Winter Study project). We supplemented with...

Ants on a log!

We wended our way past pink granite, random boulders, and funny rock formations. We hiked all day past up stony brooks, past wetlands high in the mountains, and lakes made by melted glaciers. At the end of the day we were famished. Dave and I inhaled a pound of spaghetti tossed with prosciutto (already diced), garlic (bought already peeled, then chopped), and parsley and olive oil.

We had it with some nice red wine that we drank out of our camp mugs.

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