Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Car Camping in Maine - Day #4

Rain! We woke up and found that our tent had leaked. We temporized by making little crevices along the sides to trap the water. Later during the day we ended up getting some plastic sheeting to cover the sides. That ended up working nicely the next time it rained.

We saw a group of chickens walking around the campground.

They were walking around freely scratching for grubs. They looked so plump and healthy and soft that I just wanted to grab one and give it a big squeeze.

We were still pretty tuckered out from our first hike so we decided to take it easy. For lunch we had another Mark Bittman winner - crab meat mixed with mayo, chives, tarragon, and salt. Instead of making them into sandwiches, we piled them on top of Wasa crackers. We visited Thunderhole and then walked along a beautiful (and mercifully flat) trail that followed the coastline all the way to Otter Point. We visited the "Wild Flowers of Acadia" outdoor garden to satisfy David's botanical curiosity. I got really excited about my first purchase in Acadia National Park - a National Park Passport! You can get stamps at most national parks. I got mine stamped right away.

So we found out that wet logs literally put a damper on making a campfire. We were able to start it but we had to keep blowing on the logs to keep the flame going. Dinner took forever to make. The corn on the cob in foil and baked potato worked, but the skillet just couldn't stay hot enough. We punted and put our chicken thighs (with balsamic vinegar and mustard) on the Jetboil burner.