Friday, August 26, 2011

Car Camping in Maine - Day #6

We took it easy again today. We went up to Wonderland, a tidepool area. Then we had lunch (baguettes with canned tuna, capers, and tomatoes in a pan bagna-esque style) at the Seawall picnic area. This was yet another amazing place to have lunch - it was sunny, the water sparkled, and the overlying mist was slowly burned off by the sun before rolling in again.

After lunch we drove by this funny outpost:

It is a campstore/lobster pound/shower facility all in one! Apparently the nearby Seawall Campsite does not have hot showers so people drive a few minutes to pay $1/3 minutes for hot showers. After visiting Echo Lake we swung back to do the Ship Harbor nature trail. It was an unexpectedly beautiful walk. Dave really loved the junction where the incoming sea met the outgoing harbor water.

That night we had orzo with corn, ham, and green beans mixed with dijon mustard and red wine vinegar. I can't believe a pound of orzo fit in our modest Jetboil pan. A little parmesan, a swirl of olive oil, some freshly ground pepper (freshly ground as of Friday) and voila!

Dave found these ridiculously enormous campfire marshmallows.

We had smores that night. I was particularly happy because it never occurred to me that we could do smores with dark chocolate. David likes to burn his marshmallows and eat them plain. He calls it the poor man's creme brulee.

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