Friday, August 26, 2011

Car Camping in Maine - Day #7

Today we went biking around Acadia National Park. There are these nice carriage roads closed to traffic that go around the various mountains of the park. We had lunch at Hadlock Brook waterfall - a baguette with prosciutto, leftover arugula, and a light dousing of Frantoia (Thanks, Mark Bittman!).

We were doing pretty well at finding beautiful lunch spots.

I really learned how to make use of the different gears on the bike. I learned that the lowest gear, the "granny gear", is essential for climbing up hills. There were a lot of nice downhills to balance things out.

Someone almost rode through one of our pictures.

We took a rest by Bubble Pond in the shade of some trees. It was peaceful and idyllic.

We mostly stayed away from Bar Harbor the town, but we couldn't help but stop by a hill overlooking the harbor itself. It was very picturesque. We would have gotten ice cream if we weren't feeling so lazy and nice sitting on the grass.

We stopped by Thurston's for another lobster fix. The lobster salad, which I envisioned as the yummy interior of a lobster roll but perhaps a little more, was a sore disappointment.

I ate all the lobster bits, though.

Dinner was a simple penne dish with tomato, basil, garlic, olive oil, and parmesan cheese.

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