Saturday, August 27, 2011

Car Camping in Maine - Day #9

This was our last full day in Maine. We went hiking up Penobscot and Sargent Mountains (Sargent Mountain being the second highest peak in Acadia National Park; we never did make it up Cadillac Mountain).

David liked this random boulder.

We hung out awhile on the peaks of the two mountains. It was another beautiful day.

After the hike we got another lobster fix at Thurstons. David was very happy.

At home we fried up a mackerel and several pollack.

Dave stuffed them with lemon and fresh oregano, and we had rice-in-a-bag and canned green beans drizzled with Frantoia. The pollack was pretty good but moderately annoying to eat because of the bones. The mackerel was not only easier to eat but very delicious fried. It was really fun eating fish that we knew had been swimming in the ocean just 24 hours ago!

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