Saturday, August 13, 2011

Grandaisy Bakery

Diana recommended Grandaisy Bakery to us a long time ago. It is a nice little bakery incongruously located next to a Gray’s Papaya near 72nd and Broadway. We finally stopped by on our way to a picnic in Central Park to pick up some sandwiches. Dave got the panini barbabietole with beets and arugula and I got the Greco with chickpeas and pickled onions. We also got a loaf of bread. We were a little suspicious about the paninis because they weren’t made to order or pressed down with a grill - the counter person just brought them out from somewhere.

But they ended up being one of the most delicious paninis we had ever eaten; Dave and I normally try each other’s dishes when we’re eating something new but we were so busy eating our own paninis that we didn’t bother offering our sandwiches to each other. We were also really happy with the loaf and were trying to figure out how it fell in our list of best breads (me: So is this the best loaf of bread you have ever had? him: I still like Sullivan St. Bakery pugilese. But you can’t really compare the two because they are different things. Sullivan St. Bakery’s bread is more charred and authentic feeling. But Grandaisy bread is easier to eat. me: Is it better than the baguettes from Gourmet Garage? him: I actually think the baguettes from Bouchon are better. But again, it is a different category. I would say that Grandaisy makes the best pugilese in the Upper West Side. Well - there you have it.) So bottom line - we’re pretty happy to have a source of remarkably tasty sandwiches and really good bread. We can’t wait to try out their pastries.

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