Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Post-vacation Visit to Bucks County

We headed down to Pennsylvania to drop off the car at Dave's parent's place. On the way we stopped by Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound to pick up a few lobsters. They offered a larger variety of lobster than at Thurstons and they were also used to shipping lobsters to all sorts of places - so it was good that we stopped here for our edible souvenirs.

On our way home we stopped by the L.L. Bean flagship store in Freeport, Maine. It is a very impressive store.

You can buy equipment for any outdoor activity including camping, hunting, and fishing, and they have events and teaching sessions throughout the week. There was even an archery corner of the store where you could try out bows and arrows. We didn't stay long enough to find the famed "brook" area where you can try out fly fishing rods. However, we did pick up an egg carrying case.

We had to throw away a few broken eggs because the carton disintegrated in the cooler. Somebody came up with this simple but brilliant solution!

When we got home we checked on the lobsters to make sure they were still alive. They were.

Here they are packed up in seaweed.

We rustled up three large containers to boil the lobsters although we only ended up needing two. We needed to boil the lobsters for 30 minutes but it took nearly that same amount of time to even bring the water up to boil. We added a lot of salt since we didn't have seawater with us. We ended up fitting three lobsters in one container and one in a container over a gas stove.

They turned out great!

We did a little al fresco dining out on the deck.

I didn't expect our vacation to involve so much lobster, but it was totally worth it!

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