Sunday, January 22, 2012

Death Valley Day #3 (January 4, 2012)

Brutally cold. breakfast sandwiches.

Exciting drive to Ashton Canyon trailhead - dirt road that we almost couldn't find, very bumpy, fun!

Went through "more exciting alternative" entrance to Ashton Canyon with narrows and falls. Tried for 1 h to scale fall at end, Dave almost made it but was foiled by smooth slide along side at top (fall with big boulder/chockstone at top).

Found alternate route to top, Dave almost killed me by inadvertantly knocking over large stone down below. Dave tried to pull up bags, unsuccessful, almost lost thumb.

I climbed up, Dave climbed down, Dave almost killed by getting distracted and falling backward, orange pack broke fall, I tried to pull up one bag, unsuccessful, finally, he carried both bags up.

Broke Rocc's spool of cord in the process.

Hiked up and found Ashton Mine Camp - very cool - amazingly preserved buildings, refrigerator, beds, oven.

Ran into two other hikers - let them take picture of our map, they gave us tips. We found mine - Dave very happy.

Lunch - steak sandwiches.

Disappointed we couldn't explore more around mining area.

Headed back, saw coyotes on drive back!

Dinner - kung pao chicken, hot toddies, extremely hot fire, very warming.

Canyons are melancholy.

Inspired to learn to climb.


World Famous said...

I heard a little about this valley, If this valley killed almost 15 to 20 hikers per year.
I'm happy about you guys, you are still alive in this valley.
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