Sunday, February 12, 2012

Death Valley Day #5

Breakfast burritos at General Store.

Drive through Titus Canyon Road. Went through Red Pass - v. beautiful, annoying illegal backcountry packers right at pass, intrigued by thimble peak. Beautiful ride down.

Got to Leadfield - advertised as ghost town, sore disapointment for Mabel, David still relativey excited, only a few structures, one site had v. nice views, should have been called ruins.

Rest of titus canyon pretty, narrows.

Saw hikers, didn't seem like ideal hike given the cars. Stopped for petroglyph.

Dave satisfied. Realized in retrospect that puddles on road were Klare Spring, oh well.

Stovepike Wells for burgers and gas, grateful for day off.

Ubehebe Crater, quite a site, realized from volcano, not meteor. Wished we had time to walk around or go down to bottom

Very bumpy ride to Racetrack playa, survived, saw beautiful joshua tree grove, like army of spiky, goofy humanoid plants.

Eerie grandstand of rocks, why is it in the middle like that? Amazing cracked bottom, extremely flat. Saw racing rocks with trails, amazing.

Drove back up past lost burro pass, past rest spring, missed dry bone canyon wash, almost made it to bighorn canyon wash, found awesome camp site, harrowing drive. Set up camp, roaring life-sustaining fire, other campfires twinkling in distance.

Quiet, beautiful, nearly full moon, indian food for dinner (in pouches).


Family Travellers said...

I never would have considered camping in death valley until I saw your pictures. It looks like it was an amazing trip. I also saw some of your pictures from Korea. We were talking the other day and both my wife and daughter listed Seoul as one of their top 3 cities we've ever visited. Thanks for sharing.

David said...

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Your travels in Asia and Costa Rica look amazing. Thanks for the comments!